Recent Works:

Master Afro Celotto was born in Venice, on Burano island, on August 24, 1963. Burano is quite colorful, quiet and peaceful. Local fishermen have always sported brightly painted homes that can be seen far from sea. You can see the colors of Burano in breadth and intensity of Afro’s palette

Celotto started working with glass when he was only 14 years old, apprenticing with the legendary Lino Tagliapietra. During his 12 years as first assistant to Lino, Afro had the opportunity to learn from an amazing artist in his prime.

Since these early years Afro has produced an incredible range of glass sculpture. and artistic expression. He is recognized for his technical mastery of traditional techniques such as work with murrine, filigrana and reticello. However, his artistic expression has continued to develop and expand, with amazing results.

After many years at “Effetre International”, Afro took his skills to “La Murrina” as First Master. Four years later, Afro returned to “Effetre International” after being asked to replace Lino Tagliapietra.

In 2000, Afro opened his own studio where he started creating brand new art pieces following his own inspiration and establishing his own style.

By 2004 his work was well known and requested by collectors and galleries worldwide. He collaborated Master Pino Signoretto, famous for sculptures in “heavy glass” and his work wth Dale Chihuly.

Afro now works independently and continues to develop new forms and new expressions with mastery of virtually every hot glass technique. He is truly one of the greatest living glass masters!