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Afro Celotto

We're obsessed by the inspiring orange of this sail form vase. It is a tremendous piece of hot blown glass sculpture using cane with murrini by the creative artist Afro Celotto. Doesn't the bright colored and representational nature of this use of the axis change technique in Murano Glass speak to you?


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‘Tucano’ – Murano Glass, Afro Celotto – Banned In America!

Afro created this series at the height of his initial fame. But since 2011, Afro has been “Banned In America!”

After many visits to the US, Afro quickly created a series of pieces for an opportunity in 2011 in California. At the time, it was Afro’s practice to stamp pieces with his signature while they were still hot. However, he didn’t sign them until they went on display.

His studio, AGS Srl, duly packed and shipped a series of these pieces to a gallery in the US before they were signed. Naturally, Afro planned to sign them when he arrived in the US in late 2011.

However, it was not to be. This time, due to language difficulties and an enthusiastic US Immigration officer, BANNED Afro when he attempted to enter the United States – an unfair ban which still stands.

Afro Celotto is one of the greatest living glass blowers on Murano. He is a master of virtually every technique. He works in every possible form. However, as a Venetian, aquatic motifs are common in Afro’s work.

Celotto’s palette is distinctive. It is one of the elements that brings cohesion to decades of work and hundreds of pieces. More importantly, Afro has a highly developed sense of composition. He has a unique ability to translate flat layouts of cane and murrini into gorgeous final pieces.

Using series of well-executed transformations, Afro turns these bits and pieces into stunning compositions. In fact, it is almost as if Afro paints in glass!

Biography – Italian, b. 1963, Burano, Venice, Italy, based in Murano, Venice, Italy

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Linea Murano Art, Murano Italy

"Nek" by Afro Celotto, Authentic Murano Glass Art Sculpture, Imported from Italy

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