No Hassle Returns

Let’s face it. If you’re buying an expensive piece of art online you haven’t REALLY seen it. Sure, we show you great photos and videos, but we all know these things can be manipulated. You’re still taking our word for it that this art is as beautiful as it seems.

Hot blown glass sculptures are individually handmade by the artist. The nature of the glass itself and the techniques used to color and shape the glass means that all hot glass works have slight imperfections that do not compromise the aesthetics of the piece. Prices have been determined in accordance with any flaw or imperfection found in the art-work. 

However at the end of the day, all that matters is that YOU think it is beautiful. No one has a better  a “No Hassle” return and exchange policy for Internet sales. If you purchased your piece online, when you receive your piece of art from us, if you don’t simply love it, you can return it within 3 business days and receive a full credit towards another amazing piece or a refund.

For sales made in person at our gallery showings, art exhibitions or otherwise in-person, we assume you have had the opportunity to assess the work and have purchased it because you loved it in the condition it was at that time. These in-person sales are made as is.

If you’ve had the piece for a few days and it just doesn’t move you as much as it did when you first received it, you can return it within 10 business days and receive full credit towards another piece at MuranoMidwest.

Maybe you’ve had one of our pieces for a while and you’ve really always wondered about the one you didn’t buy. No worries! You can exchange any piece you previously purchased from MuranoMidwest at any time for another of equal or greater value. Forever! Simply pay a modest handling fee.