Frequently Asked Questions

We’d like to think of our social media efforts as a “rolling FAQ” of sorts, but these are some common questions that come up often:

Does It Really Look Like That? – One of the amazing things about great glass art is that it looks different as the light changes. Photos taken in natural daylight settings at various times of day and times of year are ideal. However, like most ecommerce sites, we take our primary product photo of each piece in really bright, super white light. We also provide a sampling of images of most pieces taken in daylight or ambient indoor light so you can be the judge of how the piece changes as the light varies.

How Do You Light Your Art?  – Most of our gallery images have a caption that shows the view and the light it was taken in as follows:

  • Studio Light – Super white, LED lights. Bright, but stark and without dimension – color temperature approximately 5500K
  • Gallery Light – Soraa Full Spectrum LED lights – color temperature 4000K
  • Halogen – Traditional 12v halogen, color temperature 3250K
  • Daylight – Natural daylight, southern exposure – color temperature approximately 4000-4500k
  • Neutral Light – Natural daylight, northern exposure – color temperature approximately 4500-5000K
  • Can See The Art Before I Buy Somehow? – We have regular Exhibitions. Our exclusive Private Gallery is available by invitation. If you have a serious interest in our art, live in the Chicago area or plan to visit, please click here to request an invitation or visit our Contact page.
  • How Do You Get Your Art? – We purchase directly from the artists whenever possible. This way, you pay less and the artist makes more. We travel to find artists, check out their newest work and make deals to get the art into our warehouse.
  • Do You Import Your Art? – Although we work with exciting American artists, we often import glass art from Murano in Venice, Italy. Art glass began in Murano and the techniques were perfected there we prize today. We’ve also imported from artists in the UK and Canada. We’re always on the lookout for new artists working in the original hot blown glass tradition!
  • Do You Import From Asia – Not at this time. For various reasons, the true studio art glass movement has yet to really take hold in many areas outside of Europe and North America. However there are some interesting artists in Japan and other Asian countries that are more open to interpreting a glass art tradition that has long been viewed as fundamentally “Western”.
  • Do You Import From China? – Not at this time. There have been a variety of concerns about counterfeit art from Asia even for sale in Murano. We buy directly from the artists and furnaces that make the art to be sure it is genuine. Who knows, things could change and serious glass artists could emerge in China, but to date all we have seen is very poorly made imitations of Italian and American glass art.

Why Are The Prices So High? – We only sell authentic, original, one of kind, glass art. You can easily spend several thousand dollars on “production” glasswork that is churned out in automated facilities. We’ve all had the feeling as we looked at an expensive abstract painting that “I could have done that!” Maybe, maybe not, but few of us look at a piece of glass art and think that! If you cannot afford the piece you love, maybe we have something smaller or less intricate. You might also want to consider our Fine Art Rental program with both short-term and rent-to-own options

How Big Are Your Pieces? – In general, larger than you think! It can be difficult to determine scale when you see the art by itself. Some of our largest pieces can look like small statues at first if you don’t have something in the photo to see they are life size! We list the dimensions and weight in the Additional Information tab for each item. We also try to provide at least one photo that shows the piece near a window or other household item to give you an idea of the true size of the piece. The pedestals that the items sit on in the Private Gallery Image are a good indicator – in general, the pedestals are 18″ wide and 30-40″ tall.

Can I Buy One Of Those Cool, Lighted Pedestals? Yes you can! We have pedestals in various sizes and shapes and at heights from 24″ to 36″. Add up to four integrated, programmable lights to the corners. All units available with a single uplight in the base.

Can’t I Go Direct To The Artist? – Sure. Most artists will be flattered if you express admiration for their work. However, keep in mind that in general, great artists are more busy making art than selling it. Some of our favorite artists can be elusive, even for repeat buyers with a relationship with them. Of course, some artists simply won’t sell direct. Trust us – it is not to protect their galleries! It is more a matter of not getting distracted with individual sales. However, if you do get to the artist, most understand the difference between wholesale and retail and you probably won’t save much, if anything. You may also need to make arrangements to ship and/or import your piece. It typically takes us 3-4 weeks to get art from outside of the US.

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