Adriano Dalla Valentina was born in Murano in 1945 and passed away in 2019. At the age of 10, he began working in a glass furnace. Then, for the next 14 years, Adriano worked in several Murano glass art furnaces. Due to this vast experience, he perfected his glass working skills quickly. Incredibly, Valentina established his independence at the age of 24. So, he opened his own furnace and began to make unique Valentina glass art sculptures.

Throughout the years, Valentina built a reputation in Murano as one of the greatest glass Maestros. In fact, he was a model for future generations. He was extremely dedicated to keep the glassblowing tradition alive. Therefore, he has devoted himself to working with students of the Art Institute of Venice, resulting in award winning designs.

Of course, Adriano Dalla Valentina’s glass art sculpture talents were both broad and deep. However, he is best recognized as a master of classic Venetian glass styles. including murrine and filigrana.

In recent years, Valentina worked closely with his gifted son Stefano. Stefano is a graduate of the Venice Art Institute. Thus, he has a refined sense of design and brought a new wave of enthusiasm to Valentina’s glass sculptures.

Art glass exhibitions for Adriano Dalla Valentina are organized and his creations can be found all over the world!