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Adriano dalla Valentina

This reinterpretation of the famous Rodin sculpture was actually a collaboration between Stefano dalla Valentina, who conceived and designed the work, and his father Adriano, whose master’s hand was clearly at work in this piece. This continues a series of reinterpretations of The Thinker by Valentina. The contrasting black and white lines laid out in a stunning “pezzato” (patchwork or checkerboard) arrangement are a graceful counterpoint to the sensuous curves of the glass.


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This work is much more technically difficult than it looks. That would be true of anything in glass sculpted hot and free-hand but there is more here. There are two layers of criss-crossed black and white rods in the checkerboard pattern that had to be prepared in advance, laid out in precisely this pattern and “picked up” onto the glass that makes up the body of the sculpture. It was then sculpted into this beautiful shape, all without disturbing either the alternating lines or the overall checkerboard. That is what makes it as difficult as it is beautiful. A truly one of a kind work of art!

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Adriano Dalla Valentina was born in Murano in 1945. He began working in a glass furnace at the age of 10, spending the next 14 years learning Murano glass techniques. This vast experience allowed him to perfect his glass working skills. With this treasure of knowledge, at the age of 24 Adriano established his independence by opening his own furnace. Throughout the years he built a reputation in Murano as one of the greatest Maestros, a model for future generations.

With the cooperation of his talented son Stefano, graduate at the Venice Art Institute, Adriano increased production and brought a new wave of enthusiasm to his work.

His creations can be found all over the world!

Adriano was featured at SOFA Chicago 2017.

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Italian, b. 1945, Murano Venice, Italy, based in Murano Venice, Italy

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Authentic Hotblown Glass Sculpture"The Thinker" by Adriano dalla Valentina

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