Recent Works

Paull: Through multiple techniques and colour applications, I indulge in the presence of hot glass. Through the creative processes involved in making my work, a new side of my personality awakens. Creating new art presents a challenge in which I respond to in an intuitive and spontaneous manner. The seductive qualities of molten glass continue to entice me, resulting in works that are technically layered in colour, and eloquent in linear aesthetics. Light and colour play major parts in the refractive qualities in my search for balance and luminescence…I continue to search for new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of glass.


Fluid colours and brilliant transparency highlight the sculptural forms of glass artist Paull Rodrigue work.

Paull’s work is an inter-play of very simple forms. His colours and rhythmic bubbles flow easily into each other, playing off the optic quality of the thick glass. Paull’s works are created using an Italian technique called “Incalmo” where one piece of glass is welded to another, producing ribbons of light.

Paull Rodrigue is a graduate of Sheridan College Institute’s Glass Program in Oakville Ontario. He has been featured in solo exhibitions at the Carnegie Gallery and the Brampton Art Centre, as well as Toronto Outdoor Art Show, and the One of A Kind Show. He has already made a significant mark in the Canadian contemporary art glass community, with a technical proficiency that is unrivaled