About MuranoMidwest

MuranoMidwest is the place to find high-end fine art glass sculpture in the Midwest. We encompass a broad range of hot blown glass work ranging from well known Italian masters to young artists making their name here in the US.

Glass Art or Decor?

Are You Shopping for Glass Art or Glass Decor? Are you a shopping for authentic, high quality glass art as luxury decor for your homes or office? You may not think of of yourself as a collector. However, you might begin a wonderful fine art glass collection this way! According to Wikipedia: Glass art refers to

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Art Glass, Is it Fine Art?

The terms "art glass" and "glass art" are sometimes used interchangeability; we prefer the term fine glass art. Wikipedia describes it this way: In general the term is restricted to relatively modern pieces made by people who see themselves as artists who have chosen to work in the medium of glass and both design and

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Provenance And The Modern Collector

Fine art collectors and historians care deeply about the provenance of the art works...and if you are spending significant money on a piece of glass art, you should too. The word provenance derives from the French provenir meaning “to originate”. It is a history of the ownership of a work of art. It helps establish:

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Is Value In The Eye Of The Beholder?

I can't imagine letting someone else tell me what I like in a piece of art! Our personal tastes are one of the few things no one can really know or change without our engagement. But VALUE is something else again entirely. As collectors, we once looked at one of Lino Tagliapietra's major pieces. It

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