Mariano Moro was born in Venice the 27th of september 1957 on the small island of Burano, Venice. At 13 years old he began working with glass at the renowned “Cristalleria Santi” factory on the Island of Murano.

From “Cristalleria Santi” Mariano improved his skills and knowledge of the medium at various factories. During this time Mariano learned the closely guarded secrets that are in the hands and minds of many glass masters working on the island, including an opportunity to work closely with the famous Ermanno Nason.

At 20 years old, Mariano decided to move to the factory of Livio Seguso, now a legend in the history of Murano and international contemporary glass art.

Mariano worked beside Eio Raffaeli the current Master at Livio Seguso from his first day . Mariano stayed with Elio’s “piazza” (working team) when they left Livio Seguso’s Factory to start a new venture.

In 1982, glass masters Elio Raffaeli and Roberto Cammozzo and an amazing “molatore” (cold shop master), Vianello Renzo, became partners to form the “Ars Murano” factory. The guidance of masters Roberto Cammozzo and Elio Raffaeli continued to improve Mariano’s skills as a master in the art of glass sculpture.

Moro Mariano works exclusively in the Ars Murano factory where he has led his own “piazza” since 2002. He creates modern pieces and sculptures for which Ars Murano is famous both on Murano and internationally.

Moro Mariano has worked for famous artists Robert Willson (Usa), Duncan Mclellan (Usa), Fujita (Japan) and Vania Galli (Italy).

Moro Mariano stills lives in Burano island with his wife and his two sons.