Recent Works:

Cristiano Toso is a master of heavy, solid glass sculpture. His work ranges from delicate figurative pieces to large abstract sculptures.  Most importantly, Toso’s art has a fundamental humanity that everyone can relate to.

Cristiano is a recognized glass “maestro” at ARS Murano Srl. As leaders modern fine art glass, they specialize in solid glass sculptures. Additionally, many of his pieces are massive. Due to this, they require a balance of strength and skill.

Cristiano Toso was born on Murano on March 7th, 1971. He began his career at just 14 as an apprentice to the legendary Pino Signoretto. Because he was unable to work with Pino’s “heavy glass” pieces, he lasted just one week. Clearly, Cristiano has truly come full circle as a master of heavy glass work today!

Consequently, Toso continued his formal training at the Seguso Vetri d’Arte. Next, he continued working at Mirco D’Este. Finally, he refined his skills with Berto Mattiello. He learned many different techniques and processes. As a result, he gradually acquired the dexterity of the masters.

Cristiano began working in 1999 with maestros Robert Cammozo, Elio Raffaeli and Renzo Vianello. Renzo is a molatore (cold-working master). So they are the R’s that founded ARS Murano. He continues producing fine art glass today with maestro Mariano Moro and Renzo Vianello.