/125% Guarantee!
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The Strongest Fine Art Guarantee You Will Find!

At Murano Midwest s we are committed to building a long-term, rewarding relationship with each and every client. When you buy fine art  from Murano Midwest you can do so with complete confidence. We are so confident that our fine art sculptures are some of the best in the world, we back each piece we sell with a 125% guarantee.

Any piece of fine art you buy from Murano Midwest can be returned by you, in the same condition as when you purchased it, for full credit on any like kind item(s) in our gallery, catalog or website at the marked retail price, including 5% appreciation annually for up to five years following the sale.

That’s a guaranteed 25% appreciation in value on any fine art piece you purchase from Murano Midwest. We believe this is the strongest guarantee offered by any fine art gallery in the world!

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