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Afro Celotto

Controlla is an excellent example of the work of Afro Celotto. Can you see this superb orange shield form vase in your home? In addition, the abstract and modern look of this use of the axis change with incalmo technique in Murano Glass is a thoughtful statement.


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Handblown from Murano glass Celotto’s ‘Controlla’ is imported from Venice, Italy.

About Fine Art Glass Sculpture

Biography – Italian, b. 1963, Burano, Venice, Italy, based in Murano, Venice, Italy

About Afro Celotto

Master Afro Celotto was born in Venice, on the quiet, peaceful, but very colorful island of Burano. 

First, Celotto began at 14, working with the legendary Lino Tagliapietra. Then, he replaced Lino upon his departure at Effetre 12 years later.

Independently, Afro founded his studio, Polychromy, in the 1990s. Next, he partnered with leading gallery owner Nicola Foccardi to establish Artist’s Glass Studios. He continues at AGS as the shop’s master.

Of course, we recognize him for his technical mastery. In the glass sculpture ‘Controlla’ Afro Celotto uses traditional techniques in unique, modern ways. These include murrine, filigrana, and reticello in virtually every form.

Since these early years, Afro has continued to extend his artistic range. Now, he consistently shows an incredible range of glass sculpture and creative expression.

More About Afro Celotto


Linea Murano Art, Murano Italy

"Nek" by Afro Celotto, Authentic Murano Glass Art Sculpture, Imported from Italy

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