Constanti I

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Afro Celotto

Afro Celotto produces fantastic works of hot blown glass sculpture. Using Murano Glass, this shield form vase in red with accents of green and light blue is a thoughtful addition to the abstract and geometric work by this accomplished hot glass artist. Can you imagine finding the perfect spot to display this textured exemplar of air trapping with cane technique at home?


Shield Form Vase


Air Trapping
Axis Change
Hot Blown


Murano Glass


11 × 7 × 18.5 in
Medium (H+W+D is 25-39 inches)

Primary Colors:


Accent Colors:

Light Blue


Rich Colored


More Information

‘Constanti I’ – Murano Glass, Afro Celotto – Banned In America!

Afro created this series at the height of his initial fame. But since 2011, Afro has been “Banned In America!”

After many visits to the US, Afro quickly created a series of pieces for an opportunity in 2011 in California. At the time, it was Afro’s practice to stamp pieces with his signature while they were still hot. However, he didn’t sign them until they went on display.

His studio, AGS Srl, duly packed and shipped a series of these pieces to a gallery in the US before they were signed. Naturally, Afro planned to sign them when he arrived in the US in late 2011.

However, it was not to be. This time, due to language difficulties and an enthusiastic US Immigration officer, BANNED Afro when he attempted to enter the United States – an unfair ban which still stands.

About Fine Art Glass Sculpture

Biography – Italian, b. 1963, Burano, Venice, Italy, based in Murano, Venice, Italy

About Afro Celotto

Master Afro Celotto was born in Venice, on the quiet, peaceful, but very colorful island of Burano. 

Initially, Celotto worked with the legendary Lino Tagliapietra from the age of 14. Later, he replaced Lino upon his departure at Effetre.

Of course, we recognize Afro for his technical mastery of traditional techniques. For instance, this includes work with murrine, filigrana, and reticello.

However, since these early years, Afro has continued to extend his artistic range with an incredible range of glass sculptures and creative expression.

More About Afro Celotto


Linea Murano Art, Murano Italy

"Nek" by Afro Celotto, Authentic Murano Glass Art Sculpture, Imported from Italy

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Dimensions 11 × 7 × 18.5 in
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