Supine Female

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Alexis Silk

Alexis has been asking us to confront our stereotypes in her “hanging figure” series. She said she has never achieved the graceful twist of this piece in quite the same way before or since.


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Alexis Silk infuses each sculpture with meaning. Certainly, she has mastered sculpting the human form in glass. However, each piece challenges us to think more deeply about her subjects.

Working on Murano, Alexis Silk is one of the leading hot glass sculptors. Above all, blowing glass offers a perfect intersection of passion for sculpture, a life-long fascination with the human figure, and her desire for conceptual expression in her work. Furthermore, she continues to define the frontier of conceptual expression in figurative hot sculpted Murano glass. Consequently, Alexis has work in galleries, museums and private collections around the country.

Alexis has been featured at SOFA Chicago for many years.

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American, b. 1983, Seattle, WA, based in Murano Venice, Italy

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Murano Midwest Gallery

Authentic Hotblown Glass Sculpture"Supine Female" by Alexis Silk

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