Cristiano Toso was born in Venice on March 7th, 1971. He has always lived on Murano, famous island of glass.

At the tender age of 14 Cristiano left school and entered the furnace of the famous Pino Signoretto. He only lasted one week because Pino needed mature, strong assistants to help him achieve his majestic works. Cristiano was tall and skinny and could not compete with anyone in the studio of the famous Signoretto.

Cristiano then began more formal training at the Seguso Vetri d’Arte furnace. Seguso specialized in elegant, refined pieces and worked with excellent, experienced masters. He produced beautiful lamps, chandeliers, vases, glasses and sculptures. Cristiano’s time at Seguso was the education of a lifetime. He learned the secrets and traditions of Murano’s famous glass.

The pilgrimage from one studio to another is an integral part of the training of any glass master. Cristiano gradually learned different techniques and processes, admiring the dexterity of the masters.

At Mirco D’Este, Cristiano encountered his first real teacher, mastering Watermark and Zanfirico techniques to produce small, precious items. At the furnace of Berto Mattiello, also known as “Jeremia” he produced goblets as light as air, elegant vases and prestigious collections. Cristiano’s sensitive nature lent itself to this fine art.

Just before 2000, Cristiano arrived at ARS Murano. With masters Roberto Cammozzo, Elio Raffaeli and Mariano Moro he found himself immersed in the world of modern art glass, specializing in solid work. The pieces are massive, requiring the strength and skill that Cristiano had lacked 15 years earlier at Signoretto.

Cristiano is now a Glass Master in his own right at ARS Murano . He continues to live with his family on Murano.