Purple and White Feathered Vase

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Dan Alexander

This Purple and White Feathered Vase is a hypnotic blend of purple, white and clear swirl in beautiful spiral pattern. Using this feathering technique Dan is able to create interesting patterns without using murrini.




Hot Blown Glass


Hotblown Glass


4.5 × 4.5 × 12 in
Small (H+W+D under 25 inches)

Primary Colors:


Accent Colors:





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This Purple and White Feathered Vase glass sculpture is part of a new series of works. Dan’s desire to bring high quality unique pieces to buyers at a lower price point really drove his inspiration. Using this technique he is able to create interesting patterns without the additional expense of using murrini.

Dan creates the patterns in many of his pieces by using murrini. First, he makes glass canes with an eye to the patterns within. Then he cuts the cane horizontally and make the slices called murrini. This technique has been used by many great glass artists worldwide, but adds difficulty and expense to the production of the piece.

Pieces like the Purple and White Feathered Vase are all purely hotblown, so there is no opportunity to “fix” a piece or add interest to it later with cold work or other treatments. This requires the artist to work out the techniques they plan to use in advance, plan the piece(s) and make them all in one go.

Dan has traveled the world working with many internationally known glass artists. He has studied with Elio Quariso, Martin Janecky, Dante Marioni, James Mongrain and Davide Fuin. In fact, he  spent several months working with Davide Salvadore in his private studio in Murano, Italy. These experiences have given Dan the tools needed to create some of the most beautiful glass to be found anywhere!

Dan was featured at SOFA Chicago 2017 and 2018.

About Fine Art Glass Sculpture


American, b. 1985, , IL, based in St Louis, MO

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Authentic Hotblown Glass Sculpture"Purple and White Feathered Vase" by Dan Alexander

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