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“Sometimes a photo captures the intersection of light and glass in a magical way…

Welcome to the Virtual Gallery!

Our goal is to allow you to experience each piece as fully as possible without seeing it in person.

You’ll find lots of great photos with multiple views and in various lighting conditions. For most pieces, you’ll be able to explore the piece in our exclusive Gallery360 view. We also offer video tours of some pieces that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

For more info about how we take our photos – please see our FAQ.

We can also arrange a personal, live and interactive smartphone viewing. Between you, us and a smartphone we can show you every nook and cranny, from any angle you want!

If you want to see the work up close in and in person, please visit our retail gallery location in convenient Downtown Oak Park – or check back to see if there is an upcoming public exhibition.

This is unique, original art by authentic, world class artists – all at fair, no haggle prices!

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